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Ticket to Ride 1.6.2-452-2df0a357

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Trains and games, get into business


Ticket to Ride is a ported board game available for download on Android tablets and iOS devices in which you will have to manage railroads across the USA in the hope of getting the highest score possible. This application has been developed by Day of Wonder and provides an entertaining way to enjoy a complex train game by putting all your effort into strategy and overall, some kind of luck for the cards you pick.

At the beginning of each game you will have the main objective of connecting two distant points on the map according to the Destination Tickets you are assigned. In order to do that you will have to claim different cities on your way by connecting them with the cards you pick every turn. As an interactive turn-by-turn board game,

Ticket to Ride is really quick thanks to its card system and the limit for your actions in each of them.

Ticket to Ride is really quick thanks to its card system and the limit for your actions in each of them

On the technical side, there is nothing to highlight except for a detailed design for characters and the main interface, clearly influenced by Victorian Age and early XX Century with steam locomotives and classical clothes. Although it may seem overwhelming the first time you look at it, once you have completed the tutorial you will start to understand all the elements of the main user interface.

A detail of the game design
A detail of the game design

How to play

With a turn-based gameplay system, in each turn you will be able to perform just a single action. This way the game requires you to think before making any movement since your rivals can benefit from your mistakes. The actions you can take are to pick two more free cards on top of the one you already picked, claim one of the routes on the map according to the color of the train cards you own or draw a new Destination Ticket, keeping in mind your objectives.

The title features several game modes in which you can participate, from the single player against the AI offline to the online multiplayer in which you can play against people around the world. Additionally, you can compete against them all with the online leaderboard published on the application and being able to play against users on other kind of devices, Android or iOS, thanks to its cross-platform design. You can get additional maps to download through in-app purchases. This way you will be able to play in Europe, Switzerland or the whole Asian continent with your railroad system.

The main game interface
The main game interface

Ticket to Ride 1.6.2-452-2df0a357 Features

Check the unique features of Ticket to Ride:

  • App based on the best-selling board game Ticket to Ride designed by Days of Wonder
  • Turn-based gameplay which allows you to think quietly about your moves before taking further decisions
  • Play offline against four different AI types or online against people from all over the world, no matter which system they are playing
  • Additional maps for download through in-app purchase to increase the game’s variety
  • Contextual in-game notes that will help you through the game process offering advice

For more information about the application, visit its official developer’s site.

System Requirements

Take a look to the specifications needed for this application:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3, iOS 4.3 or later
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Size: 147 MB free space



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